Chutneys PackWe have a range of 11 Fairtrade chutney plus 6 non-Fairtrade chutneys and preserves. In addition to our chutneys, jam and preserves, we also supply a range of smoked fish from our sister company Pierowall Fish.

The chutneys come in packs of four jars for £18 including postage and packing. When you come to order the jars you will have a choice of quantity and the final order must be in multiples of four, so you can have one of say Beetroot and Ginger, one Date and Apple and maybe two Onion Chutneys. They come in the packs seen in the picture on the left. If you wish to include a message the facility is there on the order form.

If you wish to add any smoked fish to your order, then this will be sent in an additional package to prevent breakage of the chutney jars.

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